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Thanks for visiting the website.  My postgraduate research interests at University College London are focused on the development of mixed agriculture in the Egyptian Neolithic.  One of the areas which I look at is the Eastern Desert, an improbable area for the study of this subject, but the most likely route by which sheep and goat were introduced into Egypt before the adoption of domesticated plant foods.  My interest in the entire archaeology of the area was stimulated by a visit in November 2006, and this site is the result.

My rough aim with my Internet projects is to try to cover all regions of the Egyptian prehistoric period on dedicated web pages, but a visit to the Egyptian Desert provided me with a much wider view of how desert landscapes can be used even when climates alter, over vast periods of time.  This site, therefore, offers a summary of what is known from every period of occupation of the Eastern Desert from the beginning of the Paleolithic to the end of the Graeco-Roman period. 

The dedicated rock art pages were inspired by many conversations with three rock art experts who were with me on the visit, and whose knowledge far outstrips mine. Please note that I am very much a rock art novice.

I have listed below those people to whom I am particularly indebted, but they are in no way responsible for any of the information that I have written on these pages. 

There is much more that I would like to add to the site, and many books and papers about rock art, in particular, and the Eastern Desert that I have yet to read, but I have other work on which I now need to focus so although this site will continue to evolve, it has taken a back seat.  The version control table on the Home Page will let you know when the site has been updated and what changes have been made.

PLEASE feel free to contact me with any suggestions, corrections, updates or queries.  And if you have updated information about any surveys or excavations, or have a paper to contribute, you will be VERY welcome.

Andie Byrnes 2007

Tony Judd

Thanks very much to Tony Judd for allowing me to use his paper The Trade with India through the Eastern Desert of Egypt under the Roman Empire.

Tony is undertaking post-graduate studies at Liverpool University, specializing in Egyptian rock art.  He has been published in a number of academic journals, and presents at conferences, including the recent Current Research in Archaeology in April 2007, which took place at Swansea.


There are a number of people to whom I must convey my sincere thanks.  They have provided opportunities, information and assistance:

Mike Morrow and Christopher Coleman

My sincere thanks to lovely Christopher Coleman for a) putting me in touch with Mike Morrow and b) for his invaluable advice on a number of diverse topics within Egyptian archaeology.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Mike Morrow for providing me with a CD-Rom copy of the Desert Rock Art Archaeological Survey (Morrow and Morrow 2002).  I gave my copy to a friend, and was then unable to track down another copy to purchase when I needed one.  It has been very valuable to me. Hopefully, the next volume of Desert RATS will be available in the not too distant future.  I certainly won’t be giving that copy away!

Michael Ackroyd, Ancient World Tours

Thanks very much to Michael for offering me the opportunity to travel to the Eastern Desert.  It was a fabulous experience, and this website is a direct result of that trip.

Traveling Companions, Eastern Desert, November 1986

175_7562bThis site is the outcome of research done for a tour to the Eastern Desert in November 2006.  I would like to thank the following for making the trip an enjoyable as well as a memorable experience, in no particular order, but showing their areas of interest in the Eastern Desert.  The remarkable thing about this trip was that each person brought and communicated their own area of interest and expertise, meaning that this was a highly informative and genuinely fascinating visit.

  • Patrick Rogers (quarries, rocks, minerals and marbles)
  • Audrey Eccleston (Coptic monasteries)
  • Murad Ghorbal (Eastern Desert topography)
  • Tony Judd (Egyptian rock art, and contributor to this website)
  • Francis Lankester (Eastern Desert rock art)
  • Kathryn Michel (global rock art)
  • Mido – our excellent and invaluable tour organizer
  • Hamdi and Tariq – our fabulous drivers and desert chefs


The site is hosted by Freeola.  Although I am under no obligation to give them a quick plug, they offer a great free of charge web-hosting service, which I use for all my sites. There are lots of free web hosting services, but most of them insist on adding advertising to your content, which Freeola don’t.  Thanks guys.


Copyright Andie Byrnes 2007

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