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It says something about the Internet that a bibliography needs an introduction.  This Bibliography is divided into two parts.  The first part, Publications, is a standard listing of references that can be found in print.

 However, the second part Online Resources consists of information that can only be found on the Web.  This makes the second part a potentially ephemeral source of reference, with information moving to new web addresses or being eliminated completely. 

In the main text throughout this site, standard publications are referenced by surname and date of publication.  Publications available  only online as websites, web pages or downloads are referenced by the name of the author, where shown on the site concerned, and highlighted by the initials WR (meaning “Web Reference”). Where WR is written next to the name and date, it will be found in the Online Resources section with a full URL to the correct page (correct, at least, at time of writing). 

In the event that any of the web links cease to work, please let me know.  I will be most grateful and I will try to supply a new address for the same information.


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To be published in Geomorphology of Desert Environments (2nd Edn)
Ed. A.J. Parsons and A. Abrahams (anticipated 2007)
“There are over a dozen different types of rock coatings (Table 1).  Within each type, tremendous variety exists at spatial scales from kilometres to micrometres. For example, there are at least six different types of silica glazes (Dorn, 1998: 294-312).  Interdigitation also exists between different types of rock coatings, resulting in complex microstratigraphic sequences. For example, lava flows in the arid Ashikule Basin of Tibet host carbonate skins, dust films, lithobiontic coatings, oxalate crusts, phosphate skins, rock varnish, silica glazes, and sulfate crusts. In another example, lithobionts like lichens are normally associated with rock weathering, but they can also play key roles in generating silica glazes (Lee and Parsons, 1999) and oxalate crusts (Beazley et al., 2002). Given the variety and complexity of rock coatings, it should be of no surprise that researchers not infrequently confuse


Research on the Archaeological Geology of Ancient Egypt (website)
By James A. Harrell

Eastern Desert

Desert Boats – rock art of the Egyptian Eastern Desert (website)
Francis  Lankester
PhD candidate (Durham University) researching Eastern Desert rock art.  Pages, with short descriptions and photographs include:

  • Introduction
  • Wadi Abbad rock art
  • Wadi Barramiya
  • Wadi Abu Wasil – Site 26
  • Wadi Mineh
  • Wadi Hammamat
  • Wadi Atwani

An Oasis of Art in the Egyptian Desert (web page)
News report about Douglas Brewer’s University of Illinois team and their survey of rock art in the Egyptian Eastern Desert.  For security reasons no locational information is provided.

Nile Valley

El Hosh, Nile Valley (web page)
Archaeological Expeditions from the Netherlands and Flanders. Summary of the main work carried out so far at El Hosh in Upper Egypt, where 1000s of rock art images have been discovered.

History in petroglyphs at the Second Cataract of the Nile (50-page paper in PDF format)

Qurta Palaeolithic Rock Art
Rock art surveying by a Belgian archaeological mission in March-April 2004 in the el-Hosh area on the west bank of the Nile, about 30km south of Edfu in Upper Egypt, led to the discovery of a hitherto unknown petroglyph locality at the southernmost tip of a Nubian sandstone hill called Abu Tanqura Bahari, about 4km south of the modern village of el-Hosh (Figure 1). This locality (designated ATB11) shows, among other things, several images of bovids executed in a vigorous naturalistic, ‘Franco-Cantabrian, Lascaux-like’ style, which are quite different from the stylised cattle representations in the ‘classical’ Predynastic iconography of the fourth millennium BC. On the basis of patination and weathering, these bovid representations are definitely extremely old. They most probably predate the fish-trap representations and associated scenery previously documented at several locations in the el-Hosh area and AMS 14C dated to >7000 BP (Huyge et al. 2001; Huyge 2005).
By Whitney Davis

Western Desert

The Libyan Desert Rock Art (large section on website)
By Andras Zboray

Discoveries in the Western Desert of Egypt  (web page)
By Carlo Bergmann

Rock the Oasis (web page)
By Salima Ikram

North Africa

Heinrich Barth, Leo Frobenius et l’Apollon garamante: Les premières découvertes de gravures rupestres au Sahara (web page)
By Jean-Loïc Le Quellec

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Old Masters  (web page),,1791174,00.html
An analysis of how human are depicted in rock art.

Dating Arnhemland rock art (web page)
By Chippindale and Tacon 1998

Introducing the World Archives of Rock Art (WARA): 50.000 years of visual arts (website)
Emmanuel Anati, Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici
Published in New discoveries, new interpretations, new research methods,
XXI Valcamonica Symposium , Capo di Ponte, Edizioni del Centro, 2004, pp.51-69.

Southern African Rock-Art Sites (long web page)
By Janette Deacon 2002 in collaboration with members of the Southern African Rock Art Project (SARAP)

Rock Art Archive (website)
“The Rock Art Archive is the repository of several major private collections of rock art data. Each is unique and all are of great significance for specific sites and for the field in general. These materials, and others, are a precious legacy from pioneers in the field of rock art studies. Archive staff are applying the latest methods in computer technology to preserve the collections for future research.
In addition to its extensive collections, the Archive holds site reports, site records and research reports, with established standards for three basis levels of site documentation. These levels, in turn, facilitate corresponding levels of research and access.”

Dampier (Australian rock art studies – a case study)
Bird, C. and Hallam, S.J. 2006
Archaeology and rock art in the Dampier Archipelago – A report prepared for the National Trust of Australia (WA)

The landscape context of Valcamonica/Valtellina Alpine rock-art
Craig Alexander
First Year Report, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, 19th May 2006

De la Préhistoire à l’ordinateur en brûlant des étapes (website)
By Paul Tréhin
From Autism to the Origins of Art, Computer applications, Artificial Intelligence

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Prehistoric and Predynastic archaeology

Prehistoric and Predynstic Egypt (website)
By Andie Byrnes

New Results about the Clayton Rings – Earliest Desert Travellers in North-East Africa (part of web page)
By Heiko Riemer (ACACIA)


Pharaonic archaeology

Turin Papyrus Map from Ancient Egypt
By James A. Harrell, Ph.D., Professor of Geology, Department of Environmental Sciences (Mail Stop #604),
The University of Toledo, 2801 West Bancroft St, Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390, USAThe Promise of Egypt’s Maritime Legacy (web page)
By Cheryll Ward, PhD. From the INA Quarterly 20.2 (1993) 3-7
A short paper that looks at different boat designs and construction techniques from different periods of Egypt’s past. 

Selection of Wadi Hammamat Inscriptions translated (web page)
Andre Dollinger’s excellent Egytpology resource entitled An introduction to the history and culture of Pharaonic Egypt has provided all the translations of Wadi Hammamat inscriptions shown on this site’s Archaeology page/  My thanks to him for making the information freely available. 

Luxor-Farshût Desert Road Survey
Reports by Darnell and Darnell on the road survey of the Qena Bend, which includes archaeology from all periods.

An introduction to the history and culture of Pharaonic Egypt by André Dollinger
Hammamat Inscriptions Page
Andre Dollinger’s excellent encyclopedic pages about all aspects of Ancient Egypt include a page on Wadi Hammamat with a number of key Pharaonic inscriptions translated into English. 


Graeco-Roman’Byzantine archaeology

Quseir al-Qadim Project (section on University of Southampton website)
This project focuses on the site of Quseir al-Qadim on the southern Egyptian Red Sea coast, and its surrounding landscape. The project is a collaboration between researchers from a number of institutions world wide and is particularly focussed on the sharing and representation of archaeological knowledge.  The site of Quseir al-Qadim (old Quseir) is eight kilometres north of the modern town of Quseir, on the Egyptian Red Sea coast. Four seasons of fieldwork have now been completed on site.

Report re Mons Claudianus (web page)
British Archaeology 28, 1997
Marijke Van der Veen

Bibliography for Mons Claudianus (web page)

Report re Mons Porphyrites (web page)
“In five seasons, between 1994-1998 the Departments of Archaeology at the Universities of Southampton and Exeter

Bir Umm Fawakhir  (large section on web site)
Introduction and annual excavation reports

Berenice (website)

Eastern Desert Ware – A short introduction
“Eastern Desert Ware (EDW) refers to a rather recently identified corpus of relatively small, hand-made vessels with a remarkable surface treatment, mostly dating from the 4th-6th centuries AD and found in the Eastern Desert, between the Nile and the Red Sea, in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. It is assumed that these vessels were produced and used by the indigenous, nomadic inhabitants of the desert at the time.”

Sire, il n’y pas de Blemmyes.  A Re-Evaluation of Historical and Archaeological Data (PDF)
Hans Barnard

Eastern Desert Ware. A Short Introduction (website)
Hans Barnard
“Eastern Desert Ware (EDW) refers to a rather recently identified corpus of relatively small, hand-made vessels with a remarkable surface treatment, mostly dating from the 4th-6th centuries AD and found in the Eastern Desert, between the Nile and the Red Sea, in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. It is assumed that these vessels were produced and used by the indigenous, nomadic inhabitants of the desert at the time.”

In 1994 an American-Dutch team of archaeologists lead by Prof. Dr. Steven E. Sidebotham and Dr. Willemina Z. Wendrich (succeeded in 2002 by Drs. Hendrikje M. Nouwens) initiated excavations at Berenike, the most important Red Sea port of the Ptolemaic kings and the Roman Empire. Simultaneously surveys of the immense hinterland of the town were conducted. Nine years later excavations were started in Sikait, a Roman town some 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) northwest of Berenike and deep in the vast maze of mountains and wadis of the Eastern Desert. Several reasons lead to the decision to start working in this extremely isolated location.


Forthcoming or In Press:

  • John Darnell
    • “Graffiti and Rock Inscriptions,” chapter in J. Allen and I. Shaw, eds., Oxford Handbook of Egyptology (Oxford)
    • “The Deserts,” chapter in T. Wilkinson, ed., The Egyptian World (Routledge)
  • Ronald Dorn
    Desert Rock Coatings. To be published in Geomorphology of Desert Environments (2nd Edn), Ed. A.J. Parsons and A. Abrahams (anticipated 2007)


Rock art at the 4th Cataract 2006
Cornelia Kleinitz, Sudan Archaeological Research Society (SARC), Max Planck Institute
Lecture at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL delivered on 26th October 2006

Walking in the Footsteps of Gertrude Caton-Thompson and Elinor W. Gardner:  Surveys by Kharga Oasis Prehistory Project (KOPP)
Kleindienst, M. R., McDonald, M.M.A, Wiseman, M.F., Hawkins, A.L., Smith, J.R., Kieniewicz, J.M., and Adelsberger, K.A. 2006
Society of Africanist Archaeologists 2006 Conference,M.SAfA2006.pdf

Kharga Oasis, Egypt: key to timing transdesert contacts in the mid-Holocene
By Mary M.A. McDonald
Society of Africanist Archaeologists 2006 Conference,M.SAfA2006.pdf

Conference Announcement

From Hans Barnard:
I would like to take this opportunity to announce our plans to have a seminar on the history of the Eastern Desert, in the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo, in November 2008 (about a year and a half from now).   This is meant to result in a publication aimed to narrow the focus of ‘Life on the Fringe’ and ‘The Archaeology of Mobility’ to the inhabitants and intruders through time in the Eastern Desert (roughly between Khartoum-Alexandria-Jerusalem-Mecca). More information will be forwarded as it becomes available, also through for now please save the date.
Hans Barnard MD, Research Associate
Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA
P.O.-box 951510; Los Angeles, CA 90095
+1 (310) 26-75550; <>


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